On transitioning from stills to video

Transitioning from stills to video has not been difficult at all! The toughest part has been adjusting to the weight of the camera. So instead of thinking in terms of “the decisive moment”, now I think in terms of decisive moments. My task as a video editor is to identify those crucial decisive moments buried in lengthy streams of video¬†and string them together to communicate the concept with maximum impact. And stringing concepts and images together is what I’ve done for years while creating my photo essay children’s books.

Actually, there is another big difference here – I used to think sorting, categorizing, and archiving still images was outrageously time consuming. I’ve found that sorting, categorizing, and archiving video clips gobbles up even more enormous chunks of time. But video editing is a highly creative (and addictive) process so those enormous chunks of time just go flying by!¬†