Transitioning a book project into a multimedia video

I Don’t Want to Say Goodbye was one of my favorite multimedia video projects, and I like the transition it made from children’s picture book proposal to multimedia video. Several book editors passed on this project because they felt the emotion was too raw, too negative.  I was asked to re-write and make it more upbeat. I did, but doing so eviscerated the raw emotion, leaving a bland, bloodless product neither the editors nor I could love. I’m excited that doing a multimedia version gave me the opportunity to publish this with my true intent – times ten, actually. The emotion is heightened beyond its original impact with the addition of music perfectly suited; a creative visual technique I developed for this project (more on that in a post on technique someday); and children’s voices speaking from the heart. Check it out on the multimedia section of my website.

Young child does not want to separate from her mother at daycare

Image from multimedia video entitled I Don't Want to Say Goodbye

I’ve gotten many good comments on this one, and they are often similar to this one from my former web designer, Jackie Williams: “I must say that your videos are truly amazing and wonderfully well done. The one about saying goodbye brought tears, and I’m getting choked up thinking about it.”