550 new images uploaded to Ellen Senisi Education Photographs

A nice mix of images was recently added to Ellen Senisi Education Photographs. Subjects posted include:

  • Human Development: I’ve added more of a series following one infant throughout the first year of life. The collection is up to 9 months so far. Search AL-HD at my image library to view all. 
  • Children of Peru: I previously did a series of blog posts on this subject which included a few of the photos I took, however what I uploaded now were all photographs of Peruvian children taken on this trip. This includes children in public, family, and school settings. Search the library for AL-peru to see all. 
  • Mixed family subjects, children at play, and science-related play.

As usual, all are thoroughly captioned and keyworded. There are still many images awaiting archiving so researchers looking for something specific that can’t be easily found on the site find can always contact me for details.

Interracial Family


Reading is Beautiful


Sibling Rapport