It’s for and about real-life children

It is an ever-changing world and, in that spirit, I find it is time to re-assess what Senisi Multimedia is about and what this blog will cover. In the past, we have focused on the how-to’s and why’s of website videos for kid-related nonprofits, schools, and education organizations. I find now that our interests and work are really broader than that. What we really do is to create media for children, their issues, and their education. That media can include print books, eBooks, apps, still photos, music, video, and multimedia. Our media may be used by any person or organization interested in real-life kids.

Accordingly, our new tag line is:┬áSenisi Multimedia creates media about real-life kids – books, apps, photos, multimedia video – for kids and for the education market.

I use the term “real-life kids” to differentiate what we do from most media for and about children. We use media (photos, video, audio) to document children’s everyday real life. This is not about illustration, fiction, or animation – plenty of other creators have that covered. Our niche is multimedia documentary of children, an updating of the term photo documentary.

This brings me back full circle to how I started in this business: creating children’s books. Writing and photographing on topics that are part of children’s everyday life (such as brothers and sisters, secrets, friends, experiencing color in nature) are timeless – I just now have more media tools to express these themes.

To that end, the blog will expand to cover, not only details related to creating multimedia, but interesting content and research related to children and their issues. Topics of special interest to us here at Senisi Multimedia include children and emotion, brain research, the power of audio media, creativity and its development, literacy, the importance of play, and human interaction. Stay tuned!