Kids as photographers, and on the lookout for good character traits!

Thanks to all at Pine Bush Elementary School (Guilderland CSD in upstate New York) for making me welcome on an author visit there yesterday, December 1, 2011. I was invited by the librarian, Ms. Harmon, to prepare an assembly presentation covering visual literacy (reading and writing with photographs) and  good character traits. Pine Bush has a school-wide theme of character education and the children will be creating their own photographs showing good character traits throughout this school year. 

I was surprised to find how easy this program was to create from my library of education photographs. The students were great listeners and got involved by answering the questions I asked. They especially enjoyed the 3 short videos created from my photographs.


 After the presentation, I helped small groups of third, fourth, and fifth graders take their own photos illustrating good character traits. They will, in turn, act as photography mentors to their classmates, who will also be taking photographs of good character in action around their school. The students had been well prepared by Ms. Harmon and did a great job taking their photographs using the advice I had given them in the presentation. As I watched them take photographs, I was impressed with how intelligently they worked with the cameras, once they got some preparation. They did better than many adults, who tend to snap away cluelessly!

I look forward to seeing some of their work after they edit it and then featuring it on this blog. Below are samples of what I presented to them in the assembly. This all worked so well that I look forward to offering this program to other schools.