Peru’s Children – Day 7

Back to Lima today. On my previous visit to Lima (3 days ago) I didn’t find many children because I wasn’t going to the right places. I found them today, though. A cosmopolitan mall perched on steep cliffs in a dramatic setting overlooking Lima’s coastline was the right place to find plenty of children and teens.

For starters, many skateboarders hang out here in Miraflores Larcomar Mall. This first photo shows one skateboarder videotaping his friend, while the second shows them in scale in the large, cosmopolitan urban environment. If you look carefully, you can see them skateboarding in the center lower left of the second photo.

Lima seems to be perpetually cloudy and feels like it just rained or is about to rain. The ocean and mountain views are soft, misty, and white.

On the way into the mall (that’s the ocean in the background), the escalator is a thrill to get on, but scary to get off!

When the city gets too hectic, it’s time to tune out. . . .