Peru’s Children – Day 8

Watching and photographing the niños here in Peru has been quite an experience. I have been honored to have the opportunity to view their lives. However, there is a dark side to childhood here that I did not yet see but plan to get involved with on future visits: the street children. There are actually fewer street children, now that the economy is improving and poverty levels are dropping in Peru, but the problem is still here.

Here is a link to a group named Toybox; it appears to be a very good organization that works with Latin American street children. I plan on investigating this group and then offering support in the coming months. Additionally, a summary of news from a variety of organizations working with street children in Peru can be found at this blogspot.

On my final blog post of this trip, I’d like to end with a sequence of two young friends playing together against the backdrop of the ocean. My wish and my goal in getting involved with the group Toybox is that all the children eventually get the same opportunities to just be kids.


Hasta luego, niños!