Senisi Multimedia creates a video trailer for a children’s app

Senisi Multimedia recently created a video trailer to promote an app – this is a whole new genre for us, and it was most interesting! We look forward to opportunities to produce more trailers.

The app is based on the print title called Hurray for Pre-K! written by Ellen Senisi and originally published by HarperCollins. The purpose of the book / app is to show real live children in pre-school. Hurray for Pre-K! can be enjoyed by all preschoolers but is especially useful in helping reduce separation anxiety for first-time students. Because of the way the book layout was originally designed AND how the app was produced, this title is also great for encouraging early reading in a natural and engaging way.

Check out the trailer to see how apps can provide a whole new way for children to interact with print and to improve literacy. The app was produced by Auryn, Inc. and is available at the iTunes store. It is only available for the iPad at this point but will be available for other formats soon.

More power to literacy!