The Power of Faces – Part 1

Faces have a unique and subtle nonverbal language of their own. Consider that even newborns are programmed to read faces, long before they can ever speak. As adults, we read faces all the time, barely conscious that we are doing so.

education stock photo of ethnic toddler holding her newborn sibling

Even newborns (she's 11 days old here) can read and respond to faces.

Eye to eye contact has the power to draw us in and tell a mini-story about another human being that is hard to resist. There is a reason that portraits have been photographed, painted, and drawn for eons. There is a reason that certain cultures did not want their photographs taken, believing that the soul is captured in a photograph of a person. It does, in a way. A photograph does not capture, in the sense of taking the soul away, but a photograph does capture essential personal information about a person.

education stock photo of girl (age 7)education stock photo of pre-K boy, age 7

Use the power of faces to draw visitors to your website into the souls and stories of the types of people your school or organization serves! Unless you have a professional photographer on staff, you likely cannot get a good number of compelling photographs for your website so consider using good stock photos of faces done by professionals and sprinkle them liberally on your website. Good stock photos can be invaluable in helping a nonprofit or school website draw viewers into their mission. (Shameless self-promotion: that includes my work, by the way – check out the portrait section of my education photographs library. My photographs are model-released and ethnically diverse, plus they include children with special needs.)

Faces have power – use them wisely.

education stock photo of pensive teenager (boy, 17)education stock photo of ethnic teenager (boy, 17, African American)