All Kinds of Friends, Even Green!

Woodbine House, 2002


“I want to tell you now about one of my friends. She may seem different to you at first because she is small and green and has little spikes on her back…” So writes Moses in All Kinds of Friends, Even Green!, photographed in a classroom with an interesting ethnic and disability mix of photogenic kids along with some attention-getting iguanas.

“More than just a story about friendship, All Kinds of Friends, Even Green! looks at difference – such as being in a wheelchair or missing toes – in a unique way. With this beautifully photographed and engaging story, children discover that living with disability and facing its challenges can be seen as interesting, even positive.” (excerpted from

All Kinds of Friends, Even Green was recognized with a 2003 Honor Award for Multicultural and International Books by Skipping Stones, a multicultural magazine.


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