Brothers And Sisters

Scholastic, 1993


Brothers And Sisters is a 32-page color photo-illustrated picture book about the ups and downs of sibling relationships.


“With photographs by the author, we see brothers and sisters playing, tending, sharing secrets, hugging and laughing, and, yes, even fighting. There are pictures of twins, adopted siblings and adult brothers and sisters, too. This book has universal, multi-cultural appeal and can be useful too for introducing the idea of a new brother or sister to older siblings. Preschool and primary school teachers would find this a nice addition to their bookshelves.” – Review in American Bookseller, Pick of the Lists, August 1993


Brothers and Sisters was written for four-to seven-year-olds but is enjoyed by siblings of all ages. This title has been reprinted for reading series use for Scholastic and Houghton Mifflin.


Available in Paperback ($3.95)

Can be ordered on, or from Scholastic.
It can also be ordered by calling Scholastic’s Educational Titles Division at 1.800.724.6527.
Brothers and Sisters is also used in Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt’s reading program.