Kindergarten Day USA and China

Charlesbridge, 2010


What is a kindergarten day in China like? Just how different is it from an American kindergarten day? Read this book that visits two classrooms on the opposite sides of the world and see! Yes, the Chinese children use chopsticks and learn to read using both Chinese characters and American ABC’s but both kindergarten days are surprisingly similar. And because this is a flip-me-over book, it’s extra fun to read.


School Library Journal – Curriculum Connections – August 3, 2010
“Filled with charismatic photos of students and staff, Kindergarten Day USA and China (Charlesbridge, 2010; K-Gr1), a “Flip-Me-Over” photo-essay by Trish Marx and Ellen B. Senisi, draws parallels between classrooms in Schenectady, NY and Beijing. Told from the children’s point of view, the simple narration describes the highlights of a typical day. Clocks on each spread point out the 12-hour time difference between the two countries, showing that when American children are eating lunch, their counterparts are most likely sound asleep. The Beijing section introduces one Chinese word per page, and a note explains how Chinese can be written in pinyin (“using the English alphabet to help people sound out the characters”). This inviting book illustrates the universality of the kindergarten experience.”


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