Peru’s Children – Day 6

This was our last full day in Arequipa. This is a wonderful city! I was lucky enough to be allowed to photograph in three schools this morning. At one school, students have a great view of one of the mountains surrounding Arequipa. This one, named Chachani, is the highest of the mountains surrounding Arequipa and is actually a volcano. Arequipa’s altitude is high at 7600 feet (higher than Denver at 5600 feet) so takes some getting used to. There is less oxygen to breath in the thin, dry air so you tire easily after physical activity, you need to be vigilant with sunscreen in the intense sun, and the inside of your nostrils feels like lumpy sandpaper.

However, the thin air doesn’t stop kids from doing what they do best: running around. I found what I find in schools everywhere, regardless of the country I’m in: kids are energetic and enthusiastic, playful and serious, and generally great to be around.