10 Ways Photographers Can Use the iPad for Workflow – Part 1

Portfolio.  Some people don’t seem to get past this one, which is why wrote this blog. This function is the most obvious use and very handy – particularly if you have several specialties, as I do. I have different portfolios for stock photography, children’s photo essay picture books, and multimedia videos all stored on this very compact device.

 photographs of children from the portfolio page of Ellen Senisi, education stock photographer

Portable workstation. I load documents that are works-in-progress then dip into them as needed on the fly, such as when travelling or waiting. I generally don’t wait very well so really like this function of the iPad. The multi-tasking feature helps you move easily between programs. Pressing the home button twice brings up a row of all your programs allowing you to zip from one to another and back again SO quickly that you can be very productive.

iPad screen shot showing multi-tasking feature 

Transitioning into work mode. You know that feeling of not being ready to tear yourself away from morning coffee on the sunporch (or whatever your morning ritual is) to shoulder the heavy workload of the day? Flipping the iPad from the news to one of those works-in-progress on your portable workstation makes for an easy transition.


Taking photographs while checking out a new site where you will be doing a photo shoot.Yes, you could use your cell phone or some other camera for this but if you use your iPad, the files are right there (no transferring involved) to view as you write up your notes planning the shoot, including copy/pasting them into your document, as needed.


Secondary display for laptop. The app Air Display allows you to use the iPad as a secondary display and work more efficiently when using multiple programs simultaneously on your laptop.


 And, in case that’s not enough for you, 5 more reasons are coming very soon.