Making a Video for the Spring Changes app

Making Video for the Spring Changes App


How, I wondered, would kids respond to my new Spring Changes app? And would they really use its cool interactive features? I got to find out when I handed my iPad over to three lively brothers aged 4, 7, and 9 while making the promotional trailer for Spring Changes. So what did I observe?

Young children use iPad to read eBook / app


— The app held their attention. They read it over a number of times so Steven and I could get good video footage of them; there was no poking around on the iPad to try out other apps. Whew, that was a good start!


— Next hurdle, bringing the iPad outside and taking photographs. Would they be distracted by being outside and just run off to play or would they stay on task? Whew again. I had to drag them back inside to try the editing features.


— Ok, next worry: can they really manage the interactive editing features that allow kids to make their own Spring Changes book by putting in their own words, photos, and recorded narration? Watching them sail through this was the coolest part. There are a series of steps to editing because you have multiple options: editing the text, photos, and/or recorded voice. Editing photos has three options: Take a Photo; Import Image; or Reset Image. With minimal guidance, they picked it all up and got right into it.



Thank you William, Nicolas, and Matthew! Work on putting the footage together for the video is now in progress and will be done soon.