New project in the works – what is the process?

I’m creating a multimedia video now from material that has been sitting on my hard drive for some time now. The beginning of a project like this is the most daunting time: how does one organize and edit this mass of material — 25 GB of photographs and video footage – and weave it together with words, graphics, and music into a creative video? It is the most daunting but also the most exhilarating part of the process. Hours will be spent later on executing the ideas worked out now. Here’s some of what I’m working with, let’s see how it all comes together!

Possible title:  What are Those Kids Doing with Dirt, Manure, and Bugs?

 Concept: A fifth grade class works on a project to plant a community garden

Fifth grade students dig a community garden


Fifth grade students help plant a community garden 




fifth grade child with ladybugs

UPDATE: This video did get completed and can be viewed here (it’s the 8th one down in the column to the right):