The Kids are Alright

I am photographing in two classrooms this spring, one in kindergarten and one in first grade, and did several sessions in them last week. This time, my assistant was a long-time friend, Monica Maxwell. Monica spends her days in a classroom, too, though at the opposite end of the education spectrum, teaching undergrad and graduate college students. As she and I discussed the kids afterwards, I was reminded of why I do this work.

Once the model releases are collected and I start knowing the kids, photographing them becomes more and more irresistible. As I look, listen, and photograph them, personalities jump out and grab hold of me. And it’s not just for the moment. Once their images are archived and in my library, it is certain I will never forget them. I scroll through images by the hundreds or thousands when doing photosearch for clients so am perpetually reminded of all these unique personalities I have been honored to know in one small way.

portrait of young child (girl, 5) in schoolportrait of young child (boy, 5) in school 







I have been advised by a successful businessman to use my talents in a market other than children and education but, while it is sound business advice (given the state of education publishing right now), it just isn’t going to happen.

So thanks, Monica, for popping into this world with me and reminding me what it’s all about for me. I will be asking you to share your thoughts in a future post. 

portrait of young child (girl, 6) in school

Portrait of young child (boy, 5) in school

three young children (age 5) smile and play with cardboard blocks

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