New Ellen Senisi author website now online


Ellen Senisi’s new books website is launched! The original was designed and implemented in 2004 by Kate Senisi so it was definitely time for an overhaul! She was still in college then and used the proceeds from the job to help purchase her first car. Launching a site for me is a lot of work because of the many pages that need to be created for my book titles.

The new site is WordPress so I can keep it up-to-date myself. This is a good thing, as Kate is transitioning out of graphic design and into a career in animal behavior. (See her Pet Solutions website here.) Kate partnered with Jared Pereira to create this new site for me and he is my go-to designer/web developer from this point on. Check out his amazing multimedia work at his website.

My website features my children’s photo essay picture books. There are links to my other two websites that feature my work in different media: multimedia videos and still photography. However, all my work, regardless of the medium, is consistent in its mission:

Ellen Senisi creates media  – books, apps, photos, multimedia video – about real-life kids for children and parents, and for the education market.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

 Visit Ellen Senisi’s new website here!