All in a Rainforest Day

EdTechLens Publishing, 2014


What is a day in the rainforest like? It’s filled with amazing sights – sparkling water, tall, tall trees and even an animal that looks like a leaf! From dawn to dusk, the rainforest comes alive with color, sound, and movement. Come spend the day and learn more about the creatures and plants that call the rainforest home.


All In a Rainforest Day is a gorgeous introduction to the rainforest for young readers everywhere. It is also a component of the Rainforest Journey curriculum package that teaches life science to elementary students. Turn the pages and step into one of the most fascinating habitats on earth.


Ellen partnered with rainforest photographer Thomas Marent to create this book. Thomas has traveled to many of the world’s rainforests for decades and his photographs are regularly published in books, magazines, posters, and calendars. Together, they have created a book that brings this special world home to young readers in brilliant, living color.


“The word-to-photo ratio makes this an excellent book to share in front of a class, and confident emergent readers will enjoy tackling the new words with only a little help. A big win for classroom use or individual research thanks to its captivating photos and smooth introductions of new concepts.” Kirkus Reviews (See the complete review here.)


Available in Hardcover ($17.99) and Softcover ($7.99)


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