Ellen Senisi Educator Services

I use media – print and multimedia arts – in unique ways to promote literacy and arts-in-education as well as help students meet curriculum standards. I do this through the creation of nonfiction photoessay books, making author visits, and developing e-learning curriculum programs. 


My Background

I am an education professional (former teacher with two graduate degrees), author\photographer of 16 children’s photo essay books (some now re-released as eBooks/apps), have 20 years of experience photographing in classrooms for the major education publishers, and produce multimedia videos for and about children and education.


Author Visits

My author visits are primarily for elementary students, although I have done some photography teaching workshops at the upper levels. The fee for a one-day author visit is $1,000 for presentations scheduled in 2014. An extra fee is charged for writing a new presentation; that fee depends on how much and what type of new material must be created so will likely range from an extra $400 – $1,200. Fees for virtual school visits over the internet start at $300 for a thirty-minute visit. Current existing presentations include: Character Education; Book from Idea to Print;  Create-A-Photoessay Workshop, and Star in Your Own Picture Book. I have a document that describes these programs in more detail. I am listed in the BOCES Arts in Education Directory in the Capital District so BOCES aid may be used to pay a portion of my services at BOCES participating schools. 

What I bring that is special:
My specialty as a professional is combining words with images so I am able to promote literacy in high-interest ways to students by showing them how words, visuals, and audio can be combined creatively.


Expanded Author Visit: A Media Arts Project on Rainforest

I am currently creating a specialized program with multiple media components called Rainforest Journey. It is being developed in coordination with the e-learning company I founded called EdTechLens. EdTechLens websites will cover the K-5 science curriculum through high-interest themes, or lenses. Our first website covers the life sciences portion of the curriculum through the lens of the rainforest. Learn more about EdTechLens here.  The Rainforest website and school presentation will be available by soon in 2014. 


What I bring that is special: My background as an educator/writer and my versatility with a variety of electronic media gives me the ability to create and coordinate  electronic media with print-on-demand books unique to the project, thereby encouraging book literacy and subject competencies aligned with curriculum standards.



girl looks through a circle to communicate: Visual - it's all about seeingPre-K girl (age 5) shows compassion to upset boy (age 5) in classroomChild, trees, sky, and ocean near Nosara, Costa Ricapink flowers and hummingbirdLarge, fallen tree in the rainforest; two young children look and touch itWide angle view of lush green rainforest trees